"Microbian" An addictive videogame free for Android and IOS

"Microbian" Dodge, run, eat, scape, jump and change the gravity so that your microbe survives!

Microbian is an addictive runner, a semi-procedural game in which a microbe flees an organic and hostile world.

By a simple and original control, Microbian keeps the balance between an art game, with an original graphic and sound art, and an addictive platform game developed for iOS.

• Platform runner.

• Semi-procedural system: the order of the obstacles isn't repeated, making each game different.

• Innovative art, sound design and game mechanics.

• Simple player control. Single or double touch.

• Rotating universe.

• Very immersive game and music experience. Enjoy it with headphones.

• Global online challenges:

• Reach the goal with the best score.

• Survive as long as you can.

• iOS Fremium Game. Play the full game for free with ads.

• Get the full game and get extra lifes, skip the ads and much more with a single payment.